What We Do

Bad messaging is a success-killer.

No matter how “right” everything else is, bad messaging will undermine any effort.

That’s why Spinforce helps you fast-track discovery of your highest-impact message and articulate it through sales decks, keynotes, motion graphics, and more. Our senior level team is equally adept at solving brand/positioning/strategy level challenges, or specific communication projects, depending on your needs.

The best laid – and funded – plans have died at the hands of convoluted, off-target, and commodity messages. Spinforce brings the experience and process to accelerate your communication efforts, and supercharge your success.


We help solve for the incredibly common problem of lack of strategic differentiation, by providing process, experience and perspective to discover and distill your most potent category position and story.


We work with you to clarify strategy and untangle bloated/confused legacy positioning and messaging, and distill simple, powerful, and consistent viewpoints and messages that connect with your organization and audiences.


We help teams efficiently co-discover the best message and path forward, allowing them to co-own and align around powerful messaging, and bringing them to a much deeper understanding of their colleague’s insights, vision, and wisdom.


We concept and build inspired communications tools that bring your optimized message to life and create response among your audiences, including guidelines, sales presentations, keynotes, investor pitches, and more.

How It Works


Learn (all) about you.

We work to understand your unique situation, position in your category, history, goals, team, dynamics, dissonance, and timeline, while respecting your time and workload, and keeping the process efficient. It’s here that we make certain we’ve articulated the problem we’re solving for, and the optimal path for getting to the solution.


Get smart and customize.

We conduct focused interviews with you, your team, and (where appropriate) key third parties, including customers,  board members, and other critical inputs (board members and key stakeholders, we find, love being part of the process, and build a sense of co-ownership of the outcomes along the way). This deeply informs and directs the Summit, an “I-love-that-we’re-finally-doing-this!” facilitated opportunity for your team to dig into and answer the big questions related to your specific challenge.


Facilitate your summit.

We assemble your key team members and stakeholders to experience a proven, focused process that strips away noise, uncovers and prioritizes input, experiences, and opinions, and funnels the attendees into a unified position around the strategies and answers that have been there all along just waiting to make themselves known. The Summit is enlightening, empowering, and energizing.


Test and deliver.

Where required, we create succinct, practical messaging guidelines to align your creative teams and enable the most potent communications possible. For most clients, we also create incredibly effective internal and external communications tools, with particular focus on sales decks, keynotes, and other presented communications. We can also help road test your messaging and pitch/presentation in front of a hand-picked expert review panel, to get valuable feedback before the work goes public.

Throughout, we focus on delivering inspired and actionable results and tools, not consulting reports that are billed by the pound.


Spinforce Summits are focused, efficient workshops that help teams discover and align around a strategic, differentiated position and messaging. The output of these potent, focused sessions is a foundational messaging platform (or a specific “North Star” deliverable) that is used to drive overall consistency and enable more effective communications.

Summits also leave participants raving:

“I’ve been through a ton of strategy and messaging sessions, and this was easily the best I’ve ever experienced.”

Dominic Curcio
Co-Founder/Vice Chairman
Guggenheim Partners

“Spinforce has been an invaluable resource for helping us develop and align around strategy and positioning, as well as creating outstanding presentations to support our partner and fundraising efforts.”

Keith Valory
Chief Executive Officer

“I’ve hired Spinforce across five CMO positions, to uncover, synthesize and express company and product messaging. No one’s better with executive stakeholders.”

Kelly Dotson
Chief Marketing Officer

A transformational approach.

If you’re facing unresolved issues, stakeholder misalignment, or uncertainty around elements of your strategy or value prop – making communications development premature – a Summit can be transformational.

We conducted our first Summits twenty years ago, in the crucible of Silicon Valley’s startup ecosystem. Spinforce was regularly brought in by investors and founders to lead the development of pitch decks for startups looking to stand out and clearly communicate their differentiated offering to investors.

These were critical, high-pressure messaging situations. Companies had one shot to get it right, and their story needed to be deeply informed across every issue, and ratified by a variety of important internal and external stakeholders.

Freeing you to work.

We facilitate the Summit, freeing you to work alongside other participants as a peer, and eliminating the common risks of internally run workshops:
•  Internal agendas
•  Misplaced confidence
•  Political affiliations/alliances
•  Acting for individual rather than common good
•  Preordained outcomes
•  “How we’ve always done it”
•  Protectionism
•  Staying in the safe zone

Contact us to discuss your specific challenge, and we’ll see if a Summit is the answer.

The Summit is purpose-built to:


Adapt to any challenge and vertical, uncovering answers to the big questions that are most critical to your company and team’s success


Efficiently gather and synthesize the right knowledge and viewpoints from a variety of diverse stakeholders


Uncover a wealth of your team’s thought-provoking beliefs, perspectives and unique insights across a range of issues, which would have otherwise gone unvoiced


Align your team around approaches, points of view, and strategies, inspiring their deep confidence in (and ownership of) the chosen course of action


Below are a few examples of how our unique approach to messaging inspires outstanding sales pitches, executive keynotes, investor decks, motion graphics explainers, press tour presentations, and more.

Contact us, and let’s talk about how to find your best messages, unify your team around them, and create great communications together.



David Epstein

David Epstein

When things get complex, you need a David. Skilled in the art of project management, David brings over 20 years experience shepherding disparate resources in technology, process, communications, training, operations, and support to perfect projects and deliver maximum value. David’s background includes eight years at Accenture, (helping diverse organizations such as AT&T Wireless, Miller Brewing, Pepsi-Cola, Bank of Montreal, SAFECO Insurance, First Union bank, and a Department of Defense owned manufacturer), cofounding an Internet startup, providing varied IT services to NiSource, a Fortune 500 energy utility, and a CPA.


If you feel like your company/product messaging or communications are commoditized, off-target, ill-informed, or otherwise underpowered, or you’re in need of an outstanding company rebrand, sales presentation, exec keynote, Wall Street day, or any other critical communication, let’s talk about your challenge and how we might be able to help.

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