No matter your business, this disruption has deeply changed your category, your prospects, and your value prop.

So much so that investing your 2020 spend in your obsoleted 2019 messaging may miss your market and give your competition a boost.

What you do next as a marketing leader is critical. To help, we’ve taken key elements of our proven, practical and hyper-efficient strategic messaging process and workshop, and are offering it in-a-box for your cost-free use.

In three steps of approximately one week each, you’ll be guided to efficiently engage your best minds to ask and answer the big questions that are critically important now, tune your positioning and messaging accordingly, and align your team and organization around this north star.

You’ll create:

– An informed and strategic positioning, value prop, and messaging for your post-disruption category and buyers, and

– Much deeper organizational buy-in at all levels for your upcoming efforts

In our twenty years handling strategic messaging, we’ve seen disruptions leave three key impacts in their wake:

  1. Market leaders are replaced by competitors and new entrants
  2. The market fundamentally changes how it positions and values category leaders
  3. Sales teams are left in a mysterious new world for which they (and their marketing teams) have few answers.

This time, the impacts will be far deeper and wider than anything in memory. When we emerge from this crisis, you’ll likely find your prospects and customers the same in appearance only.

Massive advantage is going to go to those marketers who understand and meet their buyers in their new place, before their competition does.

And this process will get you there – . you’ll gain clarity, inspired answers, and alignment across your very best minds on these questions and issues (among others):

  • How your market is repositioning your value to them, based on new functional and emotional needs
  • The rise of new and powerful prospect/customer consideration and selection trends, and the rapid disappearance of past trends.
  • Likely competitive actions that, left unconsidered and un-countered, will undercut your marketing success and shrink market share.
  • The emergence of completely new opportunities that your offering can satisfy immediately.
  • The repositioning of competitors into more favorable or unfavorable positions, as your very category definition rapidly evolves in the buyer’s mind.
  • Your 2019 value prop drawing blank stares in 2020 and beyond.

Answers in hand, you’ll be able to adapt your strategic messaging this year – perhaps radically, out of necessity – as buyers try to understand your shifted place in their “new normal”.

So what now?

This proven, one-stop practical playbook and toolkit is accelerated and compact, and the effort requires a relative modicum of planning. You, as the leader, will likely invest ~20 hours across the three steps/weeks.

In summary, the timeline looks like this:

Week 1: Goal-setting, communication, and brain trust identification

Week 2: Focused interviews with key stakeholders and category experts

Week 3: An efficient, high-level team workshop, to challenge and align around critical strategic and messaging topics; subsequent creation of a concise “north star” document to guide all internal and external marketing/messaging initiatives (we’re providing the workshop slides, which you can nudge for your unique needs)

Week three’s workshop is a compacted version of the proven workshop we’ve facilitated for twenty years, which regularly generates feedback like this:

“I’ve been through a ton of strategy and messaging sessions, and this was easily the best I’ve ever experienced.”

Dom Curcio

Co-Founder/Vice Chairman, Guggenheim Partners

Everything we’ll provide is ready to go, and editable for your specific situation, so you’re not left to create anything from scratch.  We’re always available by email or phone to discuss/answer any questions that arise.

Next week, we’ll share the first step, in which you set the stage for the process with your team and key influencers, and inspiring them with rationale, timeline and outcomes.

If you’d like to get started right away, you can get the process and supporting documents here.

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