3 weeks to repositioning into your new normal


No matter your business, this disruption has deeply changed your category, your prospects, and your value prop.

So much so that investing your 2020 spend in your obsoleted 2019 messaging may miss your market and give your competition a boost.

What you do next as a marketing leader is critical. To help, we’ve taken key elements of our proven, practical and hyper-efficient strategic messaging process and workshop, and are offering it in-a-box for your cost-free use.

In three steps of approximately one week each, you’ll be guided to efficiently engage your best minds to ask and answer the big questions that are critically important now, tune your positioning and messaging accordingly, and align your team and organization around this north star. (click to continue reading)

Week One

On to week one of this three-week process to efficiently create:

–  an informed and strategic positioning, value prop, and messaging for your post-disruption category and buyers, and

– organizational buy-in at all levels for your upcoming efforts.

The process:

Week 1) Goal-setting, communication, and brain trust identification

Week 2) focused interviews with key stakeholders and category experts

Week 3) an efficient, high-level team workshop, and creation of a north star guideline

Week one: Goal-setting, communication, and brain trust identification

Your executives and teams undoubtedly expect that your buyers’ mindset – and your own competitive position in this new normal – need rapid and deep re-evaluation.

In marketing, as in life, times of fear and uncertainty are inflection points for leadership and strategic direction-setting. But while your team may sense the need to reevaluate, they likely feel rudderless about how to address the challenge in an efficient and skillful manner. (click to continue reading)

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