How It Works


Learn (all) about you.

We work to understand your unique situation, position in your category, history, goals, team, dynamics, dissonance, and timeline, while respecting your time and workload, and keeping the process efficient. It’s here that we make certain we’ve articulated the problem we’re solving for, and the optimal path for getting to the solution.


Get smart and customize.

We conduct focused interviews with you, your team, and (where appropriate) key third parties, including customers,  board members, and other critical inputs (board members and key stakeholders, we find, love being part of the process, and build a sense of co-ownership of the outcomes along the way). This deeply informs and directs the Summit, an “I-love-that-we’re-finally-doing-this!” facilitated opportunity for your team to dig into and answer the big questions related to your specific challenge.


Facilitate your summit.

We assemble your key team members and stakeholders to experience a proven, focused process that strips away noise, uncovers and prioritizes input, experiences, and opinions, and funnels the attendees into a unified position around the strategies and answers that have been there all along just waiting to make themselves known. The Summit is enlightening, empowering, and energizing.


Test and deliver.

Where required, we create succinct, practical messaging guidelines to align your creative teams and enable the most potent communications possible. For most clients, we also create incredibly effective internal and external communications tools, with particular focus on sales decks, keynotes, and other presented communications. We can also help road test your messaging and pitch/presentation in front of a hand-picked expert review panel, to get valuable feedback before the work goes public.

Throughout, we focus on delivering inspired and actionable results and tools, not consulting reports that are billed by the pound.

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